Ryan Berg

Ryan Berg’s journey on The Voice came to an end last night, as Gwen Stefani struggled – then selected – competing teammate Payge Turner to advance out of the knockout round.

“My friend, your inner weirdness came out in the best way,” Stefani told Berg after his rendition of Drake White’s “Makin’ Me Look Good Again.” “You’re a guy that wakes up on stage in the moment. It’s pretty amazing to watch.”

Again, Berg earned high praise from other coaches on the stage.

“You’re incredible,” lauded Kelly Clarkson. “The dynamics were perfect.”

“You continue to surprise people,” said Blake Shelton, who described Berg as an Urban Cowboy. “I don’t know how to explain anything about Ryan. All I know is that we love you.”

Berg was gracious and graceful, thanking Stefani for the opportunity and for her valuable lessons. Just after the show aired, Berg was back in Dallas, posting on social media – “Life is good.”