Did you see the Lady of the Lake on Halloween night?

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Photography courtesy of Allison Slomowitz

If you were at White Rock Lake on Halloween night, you might have seen a ghost — or several.

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Photographer Allison Slomowitz arrived at the haunted body of water at sunset and captured this spooky image.

A group of about 15 women dressed as the Lady of the Lake started at the Boat House and paddle boarded across the lake to the spillway.

“As the sun started to set, it came off pretty eerie,” Slomowitz said. “It was a quiet night. There wasn’t much wind. You could hear the water move with the strokes of the paddles. It looked like they were floating.”

Many residents have heard the story of the Lady of White Rock Lake.

Legend has it that a couple in the 1940s picked up a soaking woman wearing a white gown near the lake. After describing a boating accident, she asked to be taken to an address on Gaston Avenue. When the car arrived at the house, only a wet spot remained in the backseat where the woman had been. The driver went to knock on the door, and the man who answered said that he had a daughter who drowned in the lake two years before.

The mysterious Ladies of the Lake will keep their identities a secret for now, but look for them next time the water is flat and the moon is full.

Photography courtesy of Allison Slomowitz

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