The meze boxes are $35 and $55, and the dessert assortment is $20 | Photo courtesy of Mezes & More

During coronavirus, chefs and restauranteurs adapt by creating “ghost kitchens.” It’s not spooky, we promise.

A ghost kitchen serves food through delivery and pick up only. Former LHHS wildcat and vegan chef Troy Gardner opened TLC Vegan Kitchen in the neighborhood.

Now, Mezes & More serves “Mediterranean gourmet to go” in the neighborhood.

Baker and chef Anne Marie Cariotis started Mezes & More after her friends persuaded her.

“Everyone is stuck at home, and my friends and I have all been ordering charcuterie boxes,” Cariotis told CultureMap. “One day I threw it out there that maybe I’d put some Greek stuff together. They all ordered it, posted photos on Facebook, and suddenly I had a business.”

She has four boxes available:

  • Small meze box with hummus, pita, dolmas, spanakopita, cheeses, and olives
  • Large meze box with hummus, tzatziki, pita, dolmas, spanakopita, tiropita, cheeses, and olives
  • Vegan meze box with hummus, pita, vegetarian dolmas, and spanakopita featuring house-made vegan feta cheese
  • Dessert box with 6 baklava, 2 Nutella baklava, and 2 cookies
You can order Monday through Wednesday by messaging on Facebook or through the Mezes & More website. The food is ready for pickup and delivery on Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m.
Cariotis also does catering and pastries for Greek Cafe & Bakery in Oak Cliff. She says her culinary expertise is either self-taught or passed down from her grandmother.