Protesters marched on and around the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge following the death of George Floyd | Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough told the Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall that he expects a report on the department’s use of violence against protesters.

“I am deeply concerned about the inexplicable use of excessive force in several circumstances and lack of requisite planning and strategies to keep our community and protesters safe,” McGough wrote in a memorandum to city officials that was leaked to Central Track.

DPD arrested 185 protesters during the first weekend of protests between May 29 and June 1. On Monday, June 1, marchers were trapped on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, and 696 people were detained.

On June 11, a U.S. district court judge granted a 90-day injunction prohibiting DPD from using tear gas, smoke bombs, mace, pepper balls and any other kinetic projectiles on peaceful protesters for any reason, Central Track reports.

The injunction expires on Sep. 9.