In 1975, a postal office was turned into the first Chili’s on Greenville Avenue. (Photography courtesy of Chilis.)

Who knew the triple dipper and baby back ribs were established right here in Lake Highlands?

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In 1967, Larry Lavine attended the inaugural Terlingua Chili Cook-off. Inspired by the chili cook-off he gave birth to a new culinary experience, Chili’s Grill and Bar. A place for burgers, friends and Southwestern spirit.

Chili’s first location was a converted postal station on Greenville Avenue. In 1975, the restaurant passed out handwritten menus and served grub in baskets rather than plates.

“Chili’s was among the first of its kind, pioneering the world of casual dining, with a full-service restaurant boasting a fun, funky and laid back atmosphere,” wrote Jim Foster, admin for the Pioneers of Dallas County Facebook page. “The restaurant was known for serving mouthwatering, napkin-soaking gourmet burgers out of baskets and having a line of customers around the corner.”

The second location opened up in Houston in 1976. By 1983, restaurant executive Norman E. Brinker bought Chili’s 23 restaurant locations, turning it into the international chain we recognize today.