Andres Garcia has delivered mail in Lake Highlands for 30 years

After 35 years as a mail carrier and 30 years delivering mail to homes in Lake Highlands, Andres Garcia has earned his retirement. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night has stayed him from the swift completion of his appointed rounds,” as the postal service motto goes, and neighbors say Garcia does it all with a smile for the families along his route. That’s why Michele Liscio Patterson and her neighbors are planning a parade for him on June 18.

“Andres spent some time in Germany and loved to practice speaking German with me,” wrote Jutta Preston on “He also went the extra mile and would drive dogs to the vet if they got loose or put them in their back yard when he would see them out. I have lived in the L-Streets for over 50 years, and I have never had a nicer mail carrier than him.”

“We literally wouldn’t have a couch in our house without him,” gushed Lauren Mish Trimble. “New homeowners and 7 months pregnant, definitely forgot to make sure the couch would fit through our front door, so Andres saw us struggling and helped us move it in through the garage.”

“He is a very special person,” agreed Tonya Bredehoeft. “I have had some really great conversations with him.  His knowledge of scripture is exceptional.”

“I love Andres,” wrote Lauren Clark Siewert. “We lived on Longmont for 14 years. He always stopped to talk to me and comment on how my kids were growing. He knew about my life and family and I knew about his. He is a wonderful human being!”

The parade will run along Lanshire from Ferndale to Aldwick beginning at 3:15 p.m. Thursday. Neighbor Scott Lucia is collecting gift cards and expressions of thanks at 10105 Shadyview, or they can be mailed to Garcia directly at 1131 N. Woody Road, Dallas TX 75253.

“I’m disappointed we’re not his clear favorite like I always thought,” joked Gloria Carey Nwelue after reading numerous notes of praise for Garcia on social media. “We adore Andres!”

“Andres stood on my porch and prayed with me every day while my dad was in hospice care,” shared Emily Stubbs. “You bet I’ll be there for such a kind soul. He will be missed.”

Michele Patterson is organizing a parade, to run along Lanshire from Ferndale to Aldwick beginning at 3:15 p.m. Thursday

Happy retirement Andres

Neighbors have created signs to wish Andres well on his retirement