Global Distancing, a virtual 5k run, will be take place on 9 May with participants running alone or in small groups as allowed locally. This charity event will raise money to benefit frontline COVID-19 workers around the world. The event is open to everyone, athletes, non-athletes, and handicapped participants are all invited to join the run. It will be live-streamed for everyone to participate together. Anyone wishing to participate can sign up here.

Participants are expected to obey all local guidance and laws regarding social distancing, quarantine, and sheltering in place.

The event will be held simultaneously around the globe at 7:30 a.m. CT. Runners, walkers, and others can participate outdoors or choose to use a treadmill, stairs, balcony or other form of movement indoors. Distance is not important. Simultaneous movement globally is.

The event will be live-streamed, so participants can share their experience with other global citizens. While being separated, everyone will be together, virtually.

“There are two goals: one, to recognize the frontline workers who are taking care of us, and two, to get as many people moving as possible all over the world,” said Eric Lyons, the founder of Global Distancing. “Much of the world has been in lockdown for a couple of months. Getting some exercise will be good for everyone’s body and mind. Helping those who are helping us is good for the soul.”