Isn’t vintage way cooler than new stuff anyways? Fierce female Hannah Hargrove-Roberts thinks so.

Hargrove-Roberts owns Orr-Reed Architectural Co., a salvage store known for its home decor and shiplap wood.

While the business is considered essential, Hargrove-Roberts has pivoted her business model to provide something new for customers, Do-It-Yourself kits from the store’s inventory.

Hargrove-Roberts has shifted to this new product to keep her employees paid and keep her business afloat. A few of the kits have been hook racks made with antique door knobs and eclectic birdhouses starting at $20.

“I belong to some mom groups on Facebook, and I know there are all these parents home with their kids who have to come up with ideas and need something for their creative outlet,” she told Culture Map. “There are people who want to do a craft, who want to make something, but don’t have access to power tools and can’t be cutting wood.”

Her latest kit ideas are mini greenhouses made from casement windows a century old and candle/plant holders.

Plant and candle holders.

To check out kit boxes go to their website, call the store or check out their Facebook.