Scoot McNairy in Halt and Catch Fire, via AMC.

It’s day 2 of social distancing, maybe your coloring book isn’t as novel as when you first saw it at the store, maybe you’re tired of attempting that 500-page book, maybe you just want to enjoy Netflix.

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Lake Highlands has had its share of famous alumni, here are 8 shows and movies which are currently on Netflix and star our notable alum:

  • Catch Me If You Can, is a Leonardo DiCaprio movie about a scammer being chased by the FBI, it features LHHS alumna Amy Acker. Person of Interest, is a crime drama about a former CIA officer and a reclusive billionaire who work to prevent violent crimes in NYC using a mass surveillance computer system designed to prevent terrorist attacks featuring Acker as well.
  • Narcos: Mexico, is a Netflix original about the drug cartel in Mexico in the ’80s. This show features LHHS alum Scoot McNairy. McNairy also stars in an AMC TV show Halt and Catch Fire, Netlifx original Godless and an Australian drama The Rover. To see a much younger McNairy, watch Sleepover to see his cameo as a DJ.
  • When They See Us, is a Netflix original about five teens from Harlem who are falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story, LHHS alum Blake DeLong plays Detective Nugent. DeLong also stars in the new movie, A Quiet Place Part II, which release date was delayed due to coronavirus.