Notice of Change of Locks from Crestview Real Estate

If you were thinking you might order a Picasso’s pizza for dinner tonight, think again. The Lake Highlands mainstay celebrating its 30th birthday has closed its doors.

Two signs posted in front windows share conflicting messages with confused patrons. One, on Picasso’s letterhead, says “Closed for company event.” Another, signed by Crestview Real Estate, references the commercial landlord’s right to change the locks when a tenant has defaulted upon the lease.

“Under authority of Section 93.002 of the Texas Property Code, the management has exercised its statutory right to change or modify the door lock,” reads the posted document. “Warning: Tampering with or changing this lock without the building owner’s written permission is a criminal offense.”

Picasso’s began north of LBJ at Audelia and Skillman in 1990 and was purchased in 1993 by employee Andrew Albert. Albert was delivering pizzas between gigs with his rock band back then. Last year, Albert invested in renovations to the interior and updates to the menu. He hired new staff and spoke of making his restaurant better in an interview with Advocate which you can read here.

Tragedy struck Picasso’s in February of 2000 when Albert’s brother, David, was killed while making a Picasso’s delivery. Police determined that a robber tapped on his window to demand money or his vehicle. David was shot as he tried to drive away, and he died at the scene. Not long afterward, Picasso’s moved to its present location at Walnut Hill and Skillman.

It’s not clear yet whether Picasso’s will work out their differences with Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, which owns the center, find a buyer for the restaurant, or remain forever closed. The Picasso’s website is not working and the phone seems to be disconnected at the LH store. No one answers at the Tollway store and and a sign in the window says the Inwood store is closed for business.

Thanks for the memories, Picasso’s Pizza.

Picasso’s is closed