Copeland Greenberg (Wallace Elementary) batting and William McBee (Highlander School) catching

Next time you pop into the new Academy Sports and Outdoors at Abrams and Northwest Highway, pause a moment while shopping for baseball gloves and workout gear. Those faces you see over your head and on endcap displays may be your neighbors or your children’s classmates.

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Lake Highlands neighbor Susanne Lancaster, a 1993 graduate of LHHS, produced the promotion with the help of production coordinator Betsy McBee, a graduate of LHHS in 1994. Photographer Matt Hawthorne also lives in the neighborhood.

The photos were taken at the Wildcat baseball fields and a donation was made to the Wildcat Club in appreciation of the kids’ efforts.

In addition to the nationwide Academy store displays, these and other pics have been used in weekly circulars delivered online and in national newspapers.

Sean Ryan (in blue) and Brady Hernandez (in red)

Reeves Hardt (Wallace Elementary)