Brooke Sesler (in yellow) with Wildcat soccer’s Margot Jones

If you want to help the Wildcats raise money for leukemia research, you have a choice to make Tuesday night. You can attend the men’s basketball game in the LHHS freshman center gym or watch the Lady Cats play soccer at Wildcat Stadium. Both teams face tough opponent Duncanville, and both games kick off at 7:30.

Student athletes on both squads paired up to host the fundraiser in support of Brooke Sesler, their senior classmate bravely fighting the disease. Since her Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia diagnosis last August, her life has centered around doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy treatments.

“The biggest challenges are the sickness that comes with chemo,” Sesler wrote to friends, “as well as doing my Senior year from home, independently. I miss attending classes and spending time with my friends. Thoughout my journey I have been surrounded by love and support of family & friends. I couldn’t do this without them.”

Sesler is scheduled for a stem cell transplant later this month. Her recovery will be a lengthy process.

Players are selling $5 wristbands inscribed with “Beating Cancer is in our Blood” and give you free entrance to both games. Wristbands are available in the school cafeteria during lunch and at the door on game day. Donations are also accepted. Go Cats!