Yes, yes they do. And Richardson High School students are taking action with a Vaping Awareness Day.

“Vaping is an issue that we have been actively working to raise awareness about among students and parents,” said Tim Clark, Executive Director of Communications. “In addition to the growing concern over the health ramifications of vaping, there can be significant disciplinary and even criminal justice consequences for students who possess vaping devices at school.”

RISD began tracking vaping-specific discipline referrals this time last year after a substantial increase in vaping was observed in the first semester of the 2018-19 school year.

From January to May of 2019, 114 instances of vaping-related discipline occurred in RISD, including 22 arrests.

Arrests can occur when a student is found in possession of THC in a vape, which is considered a state jail felony under Texas law because schools are drug free zones.

In response, RISD formed an anti-vaping committee in the spring of 2019 to raise awareness among students, parents and staff members about what vaping is, the health dangers, and disciplinary and legal consequences.

In the previously concluded semester of 2019-20, 58 instances of vaping-related discipline occurred in RISD, including 11 arrests.

“So while the data is going in the right direction as awareness is being raised, it remains a substantial issue and health danger for students,” Clark said.

RISD students receive information at school about vaping, and the district has also held parent education events on the topic.

The vaping awareness event hosted by Health Occupational Students of America and #EscapetheVape is at the Richardson High School library on Jan. 11 from noon to 3 p.m.

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