The Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation has provided career and mentorship opportunities to EAGLE Scholars, reported in a recent article by the Dallas Morning News,.

About 60% of the scholars come from refugee families and many are children of immigrants.

The EAGLE Scholars program provides them with both the guidance on education and careers, along with a relationship to a mentor.

Teresa Flores is an example of an EAGLE Scholar who, now as a teacher, comes back to attend meetings. Mentorship wasn’t a part of the original program but because of previous scholars such as Flores, they are able to serve current schools.

“That’s when it was most impactful for us. You had someone who cared enough to come back and see your growth and progress,” Flores told Dallas News. “And now we can offer that now to students whose families may not have strong college backgrounds.”

These scholars are beginning to look at career paths, such as jobs and internships,  at an earlier rate.