Lakeridge Village

Eagle-eye neighbors chatting on Monday spotted additions to Shop Companies’ online layout of Lakeridge Village, noting that the stand-alone Chase Bank space has Chick-fil-A and Chipotle logos, and a Marble Slab Creamery has been penciled in facing Walnut Hill.

“This would be a game-changer,” joked Adam Hensen. “I will never leave the hood again.”

Janet England also noted the Great American Cookies website lists a Lake Highlands location “coming soon” near La Michoacana.

Jamie Zdunkewicz at Shop Companies says curious neighbors are half right.

“Marble Slab and Great American Cookies are joining us, and that’s a joint venture between two companies,” she shared. “We’re in talks with potential tenants for the Chase Bank space, but no deal has been signed. It could be a Dickey’s Barbecue, it could be a Whataburger – we have lots of options. Showing two logos indicates possibilities. That is a merchandising plan.”

Marble Slab is an ice cream shop which gets its name from the frozen stone where servers blend candies and other goodies into ice cream. Great American Cookies, often found in shopping malls, bakes and decorates cookies and brownies.

Chase Bank plans to relocate to the corner of Skillman and Walnut Hill in the Lake Highlands Town Center. Lakeridge Village is at Walnut Hill and Audelia.

Coming soon: Great American Cookies