A Dallas County deputy has been arrested and is accused of stealing from a Home Depot that he was guarding after it was severely damaged during last month’s tornado.

Deputy Joseph Bobadilla is suspected of theft from the Home Depot on Forest Lane while he worked off-duty there as a guard. He was charged with theft of property worth $750 to $2,500, which will be enhanced due to being a public servant, according to CBS.

Photo courtesy of Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

He was booked into the Dallas County Jail at around noon Nov. 21. A mugshot and bond amount are currently unavailable.

Bobadilla allegedly took items from the store, exchanged them at a different Home Depot and then bought other items with store credits, such as appliances.

Sheriff Marian Brown stated in a press release, “The Dallas Sheriff’s Office does not condome or support employees that break the law. Our core values are integrity, professionalism and accountability and as a result, we will follow the proper procedures and guidelines in place to uphold the law and ensure the deputy is help responsible for his actions.”

The neighborhood store on Forest Lane suffered significant damage after a twister went through the area on Oct. 20.

Authorities executed a search warrant on Bobadilla’s house in Garland Thursday afternoon, where they removed a new laundry machine from inside.