Principal Mary Kellagher, Mac Linthicum, Robert White, Quentin Campbell, Assistant Principal Kylee Wall. Not Pictured: Ashley Atkins and Genevie Davis.

Northlake Elementary staff and parents honored crossing guards Tuesday for keeping children safe while walking and biking to school. The task is especially challenging, the grateful group said, since hurried commuters hustle and weave down Audelia Road and other Lake Highlands streets on their way to work each morning.

“I just do my job getting the kids to school safely so they do their work,” replied a humble Robert White, fresh in from his post at Estate and Audelia. “Then I get them home again.”

Mac Linthicum (White’s apprentice at Estate and Audelia), Ashley Atkins (Ravensway and Windledge) and Genevie Davis (Church and Audelia) were recognized for their service, along with Quentin Campbell who assists Merriman Park students at Church and Tory sound.

“I want to be an encouragement to the kids,” added White. “I tell them to stay off their phone, watch their surroundings and come back to me if they see something. I have to encourage them, because they can get lost in the racket. I tell them, ‘I don’t want to see Bs, Cs and Ds. I want to see As. When you get your report card, come see me.’ I’m there to push them on to the next level. Then they can push someone else to the next level.”

The crossing guards had a message for adults, as well. Slow down.

Mac Linthicum (in blue jacket), Quentin Campbell (in orange lanyard) and Robert White (holding child) were honored for serving as crossing guards