What is the life expectancy for your Texas neighborhood? Research done by the Episcopal Health foundation show there can be more than a 20-year difference in how long Texans live in one neighborhood compared to another, even though they may only be a few miles apart.

They created an interactive mapping tool that shows life expectancy rates for neighborhoods across Texas.

In the Lake Highlands area the ages range from lowest of 72.2 years to  a highest of 80.4 years.

“Drive 15 minutes through the biggest counties in Texas and you can go from a neighborhood where people usually live more than 85 years to another where the average person dies before he or she is 65,” says Elena Marks, president and CEO of the Episcopal Health Foundation in their research report“These numbers should spark important conversations across the state on how we can all take action to address the non-medical, root causes of these dramatic differences in health.”

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