Photo: Danny Fulgencio/Advocate Magazine

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you enjoy being scared? Lake Highlands neighbor Julie Fisk has the perfect podcast for you. She created Haunted AF with friend and longtime collaborator Rebekah Black, and the two have been seeking out and sharing ghost stories and other creepy tales.

Black, the popular radio personality on KLUV’s “Miles in the Morning” with Jeff Miles, and Fisk, a Good Morning Texas contributor who runs the movie review website “Julie Says So,” first worked together in 2012 at CBS DFW, where Black was on Jody Dean’s morning team and Fisk did traffic and movies. Their first podcast – appropriately called “Boozy Movies” – involved attending film screenings, ordering a drink (or three) and sharing their opinions. They had a blast, but the concept didn’t catch on.

“I was actually planning a scary story podcast with my daughters, Emma, 15, and Lucy, 12,” says Fisk, “but was inspired to try something with Rebekah again after listening to the ‘My Favorite Murder’ podcast. We launched in early March and are just about to end our second season.”

Haunted AF attracts listeners from all over the world. Ghost stories have come from as far away as Australia and as near as Lake Highlands neighbors Jasmine Sadry (Season 1, Episode 4) and Kristen Harris (Season 1, Episode 2).

“Kristen lives down the street and told the most astounding New Orleans story, and Jasmine had a wonderful tale about a vanishing man,” says Fisk. “Hawkeye from KSCS also came on to debunk the San Antonio haunted railroad crossing, and he’s been a supporter ever since.”

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“Every story that is shared on Haunted AF comes from a personal experience, whether it be something that happened to the storyteller or someone close to them,” says Fisk. “We don’t just take ghost stories, either. We love hearing about UFOs, Bigfoot or anything unexplainable. We just ask that the stories be true.”

Fisk says she’s enjoyed every episode, but her favorites are Season 2, Episode 4, S2 E10 and S1 E13, which ended up in a British tabloid when a man detected a strange voice on his RING doorbell. Though the hosts chat with guests about creepy places and experiences, the podcast has plenty of lighthearted segments and laugh-out-loud moments as the friends banter about a topic they enjoy.

“Most, but not all, of us get a little thrill from ghost stories because they’re scary but not inherently dangerous,” says Fisk. “It’s like riding a roller coaster, because you get the rush without any actual risk. Ghost stories are an enormous part of our culture, too, because almost everybody has one. They are a fantastic ice-breaker – every week we call people who have ghost stories to tell us. We’ve never met them before, but they feel like old friends by the time we’re done. There’s a unifying quality to these stories, because they’re fun but also break down boundaries. They’re surprisingly intimate.”

The podcast season finale drops, appropriately enough, on Halloween.

“We’ll be revisiting some of our favorite moments, like ghostly voices from the Lizzie Borden house and Frank Lloyd Wright’s angry spirit, who haunts the Kalita Humphreys Theater. We’ll be joining other shows to tell ghost stories as well, like AEW Wrestler Chris Jericho, who will have Haunted AF on his ‘Talk is Jericho’ podcast. We’d also like to take a tour at some point to visit some of the haunted places we’ve heard about. Mostly, though, we want to keep hearing and sharing ghost stories.”

You can listen and subscribe to Haunted AF here.