Guillermo and “fake Guillermo”. Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live Facebook.

Do your friends say you look like Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live? Pop over to Mariano’s Hacienda Monday night to check out the resemblance yourself. Guillermo Rodriguez will be there for a comedy stunt, reports Sarah Blaskovich from the Dallas Morning News, and if you’re really his doppelganger, you may even make it onto Kimmel’s late-night TV show on ABC.

Guillermo started out in 2003 as a security guard on the show, but his broad smile and willingness to be the butt of Kimmel’s jokes quickly made him a fan favorite. He has walked the red carpet, interviewed A-list celebrities and schmoozed with Hollywood movie stars, seemingly with ease.

Mariano’s Hacienda in Dallas is the first stop on the 4-city Guillermobile tour. He heads to Chicago Oct. 15, Pittsburgh Oct. 16 and Philly Oct. 17. After that, he’ll do a series of live shows in Brooklyn.

Besides finding a lookalike and eating delicious Tex Mex, Guillermo is likely to tell Kimmel that Mariano Martinez invented the frozen margarita machine in 1971. The original Mariano’s was located on Greenville Avenue, and his original machine, patterned after a soft-serve ice cream machine, is now on display in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Mariano’s Hacienda is at 6300 Skillman. Guillermo is expected to be onsite from 6-8 p.m.

Mariano Martinez with his invention – the frozen margarita machine