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Money. It’s the big “gulp” issue when it comes to remodeling or building a new home. How do you ensure the job is done right while also making sure your hard-earned money isn’t spent poorly or out-and-out stolen by a contractor?

Bella Vista Company recognizes the stress that money management can cause a homeowner and has safeguards in place to successfully navigate the financial part of home building or remodeling. “It’s important to hire a company that you can trust to handle the day-to-day financials and that has the accounting staff needed to distribute all of the costs accurately,” says Bella Vista Partner Sara Haley.

Picking a solid, experienced contractor such as Bella Vista Company is a great start, but most homeowners still have questions about the whole process in general. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to ask: When do I make a payment? Will work be done on time? Can someone take the money and run without completing the job? How can I financially safeguard myself? Am I able to finance all or part of the construction project?

“These concerns are why we have a tried-and-true process, and we stick to that process on every job,” says Haley.

Bella Vista Company often partners with City Bank Vice President and Mortgage Consultant Patti Hawkins on remodeling and new build projects that involve construction, refinance, home-equity, renovation-plus and purchase-plus loans.

“It’s important to hire a company that you can trust to handle the day-to-day financials and that has the accounting
staff needed to distribute all of the costs accurately. ”

— Sara Haley

“While there are quite a few moving pieces to the construction and renovation loans, I’ll take the customer step by step through the entire process. Projects are pricey and time consuming. Having an experienced lending partner can certainly assist in getting the project off the ground with the least amount of fuss,” says Hawkins.

Customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that City Bank reviews each draw payment request. “We want to make certain the work completed on site matches the amount of payment the contractor is requesting. It is in the customer’s best interest, as well as the bank’s, to manage the draw process correctly.”

City Bank and Hawkins send a property inspector to a job site each time a contractor requests payment — often 10-15 times during a job — to ensure funds are paid to the contractor to support work that has been completed and approved by the inspector. On their internal team, Bella Vista employs professionals to review invoices and handle payables.

“Mismanaging your money is a valid concern for homeowners,” Haley says. “Avoiding that is the reason to use Bella Vista, so that we’re dealing with the tradesmen, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers instead of you. City Bank and Hawkins actively monitor that each draw payment is appropriate and timely.”

Bella Vista operates on a “fixed-price contract” basis, Haley says, to simplify the financial piece for all parties. “We provide our clients with a fixed cost before we ever swing a hammer. Our clients have the benefit of knowing the number up front, and if there’s any disagreement with a supplier along the way, Bella Vista handles it.”

Bella Vista Company’s long-standing relationship with the lenders at City Bank makes the process run more smoothly for everyone. “We know Bella Vista, and Bella Vista knows City Bank. Together, each project will be efficiently managed
and homeowners will have a local team working together,”
says Hawkins.

Need help figuring out the financing needed to complete your renovation or new-build venture? Contact City Bank’s Patti Hawkins, NMLS# 414006, at Patti-Hawkins.com or 469.964.0707, or visit Bella Vista Company’s website at BellaVistaCompany.com.

From new build to remodel, the team at Bella Vista Company is here to guide your way. We start by designing until you’re happy, and then we use our expertise to oversee the build every step of the way. Our talented team of builders and craftsmen work until every stick, brick and sink is just right.

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