The Lake Highlands High School Music and Video Production Club participated in the 24 Hour Video Race and won second place and the Joel Rosenzweig Storytelling Award in the 16 mm competition for 11th and 12th. They were honored at the Angelika Film Center last week.

The 24 Hour Video Race is a filmmaking competition in which teams of video makers have 24 hours to write, shoot, edit and score an original short film.  The 24-Hour Video Race begins at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas at Mockingbird Station with a theme, prop, location line of dialogue and an assignment for the film. The race concludes 24 hours later with a sprint to the finish line back at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas.

In the 16 mm category; Booker T. Washington students won first place for a movie about a play audition, LHHS’s short film is about a teen suicide and Richardson High School students won third place for a movie about a Super 8 Motel and prostitution.  You can find the winning movies here.