Photo courtesy of Bubble & Spike.

When it comes to pet tools, fashion and functionality rarely meet. This is why Bubble & Spike developed its Super Slip Leash.

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Aften Bell, Megan McDowell and Kelly Johnson are the three women behind this product. They have a mission to create simple, everyday training accessories. With the help of their Kickstarter, they aim to bring luxury to the world of pet training.

Bell, a Lake Highlands resident, worked for Fossil Group and Skagen Leather but soon turned her love for dogs into a nonprofit rescue, The Love Pit pit bull rescue.

“We require all of our fosters to go to training, and what we’ve found is that a lot of people don’t know what tools to use,” she says.

Photo courtesy of Bubble & Spike.

McDowell and Johnson soon joined Bell’s mission to create fashionable and functional pet tools so that owners would take a more active part in training rather than giving up and getting rid of their pets.

“I really believed in Aften’s passion and vision. Her design sense is phenomenal,” McDowell says.

All three women have backgrounds in design and have combined their knowledge to create the Super Slip Leash after noticing that pet owners bought products based on aesthetics rather than practicability.

“You might have this beautiful collar but your dog is dragging you down the street,” Bell says.

The Kickstarter ends Aug. 30, and you can pledge and learn more about the product here.

“We are taking these great dog training tools and infusing them with luxury design components,” Bell says.