An unidentified suspect (left) burglarizes the Bahama Bucks store at 6780 Abrams for a second time in just one month. Photos courtesy of M. Lollie Ulibarri.

In just one month, Bahama Bucks, the shaved ice shop at 6780 Abrams, has suffered two break-ins. Management believes it might be the same perpetrator.

Store General Manager M. Lollie Ulibarri said at about 3:15 a.m. July 9 a white male smashed through the store’s class door and headed for the checkout counter, where iPads, which the store uses as registers, were in plain view. The suspect was scared off by the store’s alarm system.

Just one month ago, almost to the day, on June 13, the store was broken into during the days-long power outage. In that break in, there was no working alarm system to scare the perpetrator or perpetrators off, so they got away with iPads and a cash drawer.

Ulibarri said the store is still trying to track those stolen iPads down.

“This time,” she hypothesized, “what I perceive is a repeat or return offender saw us as an easy target. Perhaps they thought they could do it again. What they didn’t count on is that we did having everything running” this time.

The store’s security camera captured images of the suspect in the second break-in and Ulibarri said Dallas police were able to recover fingerprints from the crime scene.

These two burglaries were the first ever suffered by Bahama Bucks, which has been at 6780 Abrams for two years, Ulibarri said.

She said the store isn’t thinking about moving, but she is concerned that the next break in might be during work hours when workers, who are mostly teenagers, are manning the counter.

“It’s a lot of responsibility to carry as an owner and a manager,” Ulibarri said.