Photo of Medallion Shopping Center via

The Kohl’s store at Medallion Shopping Center is under renovation to make space for a Planet Fitness.

The move is part of Kohl’s plan, announced in April, to downsize its stores nationwide. Some Kohl’s stores are as small as 35,000 square feet. The Medallion store, on Northwest Highway near Skillman Street, comprises about 80,000 square feet.

The remodeled store will have about 60,000 square feet, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The remaining space will be remodeled for a Planet Fitness as part of an agreement to put 10 new Planet Fitness locations next to Kohl’s stores this year.

As other chain retailers close stores because of competition from online retail, Kohl’s money-saving plan is to downsize all of its stores so that customers have the option of shopping online or in person. Kohl’s also has agreements with small-footprint stores including Aldi to take the leftover spaces.

The Kohl’s store at Medallion Center is open during renovations.