Play Street Museum Lake Highlands brings creative, imaginative fun to neighborhood children ages eight and younger. Owned and operated by long-time friends, Casey and Jerry Abbruzzese, and Valerie and David Lackey, Play Street Museum offers a pristine environment for educational fun.

Created to have zero technology, Play Street Museum encourages children to explore and discover the buildings and exhibits in their own way. “With all of the tablets and smartphones used for educational purposes today, we wanted to bring unstructured play to a clean, indoor setting where parents can meet up with their friends and let their children play,” say the Abbruzzeses.

“Parents love the convenience of the shopping center. They come in for an hour or two and either grab lunch at one of the great restaurants or pick up groceries at Sprouts,” say the Lackeys. Located in the Lake Highlands Town Center, Play Street Museum is celebrating their 1st birthday April 28th and will be open to the public from 9am-2pm (general admission). It’s a circus-themed party with a face painter, ballon artist and much more.

Aside from daily play, reservations are necessary for popular weekend events including birthday parties; Cinco de Mayo celebrations; gingerbread house-making sessions, and Christmas gatherings where Santa reads to children, interacts with them and sits for photos. Paint-and-play activities are especially fun for older siblings, who can work on-site or take pottery to-go.

When children arrive, each receives a wooden dollar redeemable after play for a nutritional snack or drink. And safety is paramount: As an overcrowding prevention platform, Play Street Museum caps the number of children on-site at any time, so visitors aren´t overwhelmed.

You´ll see the Abbruzzeses and Lackeys at Play Street Museum just about every day. They also enjoy employing neighborhood high school students, many of whom are interested in pursuing nursing or early childhood development college degrees.

Create memories and channel youthful energy at Play Street Museum, 7130 Skillman, Suite 150. Contact them at or