Calloway’s Nursery will be demolished for a new mixed-use center if developers are approved.

Real estate developers will tear down Calloway’s Nursery and the vacant Jason’s Deli on Greenville Avenue to build a new mixed-use center if their zoning request receives city approval. The application calls for new office, retail, restaurant, hotel and/or multi-family housing.

The site, across Greenville from Presbyterian Hospital, consists of 12.28 acres and also includes previously bladed retail and restaurants like the old El Arroyo on the creek, which later became Roma’s. The rezoning and redevelopment would complement surrounding offices and provide amenities to nearby hospital employees and patients according to Vickery Meadow Real Estate Holdings, the applicant.

Calloway’s has 21 metroplex locations and hasn’t yet publicly indicated whether they’ll relocate their Lake Highlands store nearby if the project is approved. Jason’s moved one mile southwest to Park Lane a year ago.

Dallas’ Zoning Review Team will discuss the case Jan. 29, then send it to the City Plan Commission, possibly as early as March 7.

Pineland at Greenville Avenue is the site of a proposed new multi-use development.

The former Jason’s Deli