Sirrano Keith Baldeo collects his candidate packet at Dallas City Hall

In the race for Dallas City Council, another challenger has filed to run against District 10 incumbent Adam McGough – Sirrano Keith Baldeo. Baldeo, president of Dallas Pulse News, a political and community newspaper he plans to launch next month, is a newcomer to Dallas politics. He says he’ll work to fight incompetence and corruption at city hall.

“I target public corruption,” says Baldeo. “People have no idea how government runs. If you’re not invested heavily in the daily operations of city hall, you have no business running for office.”

Baldeo moved to Dallas in November of 2016 from Paterson, New Jersey, where he published Pulse NJ newspaper. While in Paterson, he butted heads with city leaders, accusing that they, too, were corrupt and incompetent.

“I asked for the city council to be gutted,” Baldeo explains. “They blocked me from speaking. They violated my civil rights.”

According to Paterson’s local newspaper, Baldeo filed more than 200 criminal charges against council members, municipal officials and civic activists. The charges were eventually dismissed, but the city was stuck paying the bill for defense lawyers.

In Dallas, Baldeo says he decided to run for office after visiting a City Council meeting and hearing members bickering.

“It sounds like kindergarten children arguing over millions of dollars. How are they arguing without making decisions? They forgot they are elected officials.”

On the other hand, he says, once he’s in office, he’s ready for battle.

“The City of Dallas is currently bankrupt – nobody knows that,” warns Baldeo. “I don’t back down from a fight. You have to fight for the people.”

In December, DeDe Alexander announced she’ll run for the District 10 spot. In the comments section of our article covering that news, Baldeo posted, “The 10th district will be a nasty fight, why? because I’m tired of people with no government experience looking to just run because it’s just fun and not realize how serious the issues are in Dallas. See if she last one debate.”

He also wrote, “When someone calls themself an “Advocate,” they need to know what that means, as you can see she’ll get crusified [sic] in a debate about her claim. Getting votes for Beto, no! This is just a taste, I haven’t even gotten started yet!”

Alexander has worked for Democratic causes, and Baldeo calls himself an “Independent Conservative.” City politics are nonpartisan.

McGough hasn’t officially announced whether he’ll run for re-election or jump into the already crowded mayor’s race.

The Exchange Club of Lake Highlands usually organizes a candidate forum, but Baldeo says he plans to put together his own debate, something he did in New Jersey. Advocate reps will be on hand either way. Election Day is May 4.

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