‘I lost my mind’: Terri Hoover turns hurt into campaign to save lives

Terri Hoover

You had to get up early this morning to catch Artistik Edge owner Terri Hoover on New 8 Daybreak, but it was worth it. Terri poured her heart out, sharing the story of the 2005 Christmas-time car crash which killed her oldest son.

“God, it’s like being punched in the throat,” said the tough-as-nails entrepreneur. “I punched the walls, I punched my husband, I lost my mind. How could that be?”

Terri told News 8 that it was a while before she was willing to celebrate Christmas again.

“Everybody’s excited and jovial and all the great things are happening during the holidays, and then I have this gaping wound.”

Terri became determined to turn her hurt into a way to save the lives of others. She created ClickIt4Life, a foundation which rents billboard space to remind folks to wear their seatbelts. Jake’s picture is prominent on the boards, a shocking reminder to drivers to take a few seconds for safety.

You may donate to ClickIt4Life here.

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