White Rock Lake flooded after more than 8 inches of rain fell this weekend (Photo by Errin West).

An ark could’ve been useful for Lake Highlands this weekend.

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When rain started to fall Friday, most didn’t expect that it would flood roads, waterways and homes. More than 8 inches fell in 24 hours — now the third wettest period in our city’s history, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Some of the most intense flooding happened at White Rock Creek, which crested at a record-setting 91.47 feet near Greenville Avenue. According to WFAA, it hadn’t reached those level since May 2, 1990, when the creek crested at 90.59 feet.

Neighbors are now grappling with water damage to their homes and property. A GoFundMe was created for families who live on Goforth Road to cover the cost of initial repairs.

Courtesy of Reddit

Neighbor Errin West captured these photos of the flooding at White Rock Lake.

Photos by Errin West

A few White Rock area neighbors took to the spillway in an inflatable raft to explore the flooding. See the photos and videos they captured here.