You may know Jill Beam as Ms. Texas Senior America. In 2015, she wooed judges and defeated 23 candidates to earn the crown. Perhaps you know her as the gatekeeper of special events venues, seeing as she dedicated 28 years to the City of Dallas, and much of that was spent in the Park and Recreation office. Or maybe you know Beam because of her mother, local historian, actor and public speaker Rose-Mary Rumbley. 

Former Lake Highlands Advocate editor Christina Hughes once said that Beam was Dallas’ answer to Leslie Knope. She wasn’t wrong.

Beam retired from the City of Dallas in 2014 — sort of. She quickly got a gig as the City of Lewisville’s senior center supervisor before becoming Rowlett’s senior services programmer. Now Beam is CC Young’s wellness coordinator, and she’s one of the few in Texas who teach Drumba.

Not Zumba. Drumba. To be honest, it looks rather fun.

Drumba was created by Allen resident Dina Scott, who was searching for an exercise routine for her mother after she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The cardio workout revolves around drumming, which is proven to help the brain heal from neurological impairment.

Drumba is not solely for people facing neurological conditions. “It’s so ideal for seniors,” Beam says.

It’s offered for free Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Point at CC Young. Classes start at 2 p.m.