You should probably stop using the internet to cheat.

Seriously though.

It’s not that we’re trying to increase the paranoia lingering in suspicious spouses’ minds or that we even assume you’re cheating. But let’s say you signed up for Ashley Madison, which is married men and women’s go-to website for a rendezvous, in case you didn’t know. Let’s say Ashley Madison releases a report about its users, and the Dallas Observer learns that our city has the third highest number of users in the country. The Observer also discovers that North Lake Highlands has the second highest number of both male and female sign-ups in Dallas.

While we hate to be cliche, it looks like the cat is out of the bag, if you will.

For every man using the website nationwide, there is 1.05 women, except in Dallas, where that number jumps to 1.6. The only place with higher numbers is Latin America, according to Ashley Madison president Ruben Buell.

“To me, it says something about Dallas women,” Buell told the Observer. “They got a little bit more backbone to them, and they know what they like, and they’re not afraid to get out there and ask for it.”

The Arts District has the most female sign-ups overall, followed by North Lake Highlands, Casa View, Glencoe Park/Lower Greenville and Highland Park. The Arts District, North Lake Highlands and Casa View also have the most male sign-ups, but it’s followed by Kenwood and Pleasant Grove.