Photo by Kathy Tran

When the temperature reaches 100 degrees and getting into your car feels more like stepping into a sauna, warm apple pie or a hot latte is no option. Lake Highlands has plenty of frozen treats to quell your sugar cravings, so we’ve ranked them to make your decision easier. 

(Ratings guide: Five scoops indicates our best rating, but five scoops for price indicates most expensive.)

Lake Highlands Creamery, 9660 Audelia Road, suite 121

Owner Sean Brockette got his start working at Steve’s Ice Cream in Casa Linda during high school. Now his shop has more than a dozen flavors and a pasteurizer.

How local? Brockette is a Lake Highlands resident, so this small ice cream shop is as local as it gets. 

Andy’s Frozen Custard, 9655 Audelia Road

Founded in Missouri in 1986, Andy’s Frozen Custard is known for its concrete mixers, or frozen custard blended with candy, fruit or syrup.

How local? Seeing as it’s a nationwide chain headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, “not very” would be our answer. 

Bahama Bucks, 6780 Abrams Road, suite 107


The shaved ice shop boasts 90 flavors, as well as smoothies and sodas. 

How local? The national franchise got its start in Lubbock, so at least it has Texas origins.