Adam McGough with RISD’s Darwin Spiller in Hamilton Park

When you go to hear Adam McGough’s State of the District message tonight at Highland Oaks Church of Christ at 6:30 p.m., expect to hear a celebration of community engagement. The Dallas City Councilman says it is his constituents, serving on committees and advocating for their neighborhood, who are most responsible for the profound progress seen in Lake Highlands over the past year.

Lake Highlands residents fought to increase bond funding for the Forest Green Library and the Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center, McGough told me, and they pushed to put LBJ East back on the state’s agenda. They advocated for more crime-fighting resources, and crime is down 9 percent. They worked to encourage economic development, and city planners tell him they’ve never seen this pace of development in District 10.

“Self-interest is not a bad thing,” says McGough. “People are seeing that their voice matters and working to improve their neighborhood can make a difference. People are seeing the fruit of their work.”

Expect to hear McGough spread his praise far and wide, including on special guests Reggie Mensah, Mayor’s Rising Star Council member and Lake Highlands High School senior class president, and on Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, soon to complete her first year in office.

Highland Oaks is located at 10805 Walnut Hill near Plano Road.