Christmas all the time

Kringle was the Evans family’s best gift that Christmas,2011. Mrs. Evans worked at an East Texas school back then, when she noticed the friendly feline cruising campus. The creature with mint-green eyes and a downy, if inadequately warm, coat of fluff craved attention and marveled when scraps of food fell at her snow-white paws now and again. The schoolteacher summoned her husband, Gaines Evans, to retrieve the tabby and save her from the often-brutal outdoor elements. “She asked that I ‘relocate her’, ” he recalls. Gaines, however, was smitten. So he relocated her right back to the Gaines homestead. “I fell under her spell, and she has not been neglected since,” he says. That’s seven winters now spent with the Evanses in their cozy Lake Highlands abode; they relocated, too. Holidays loomed that first chilly day, when Gaines picked up the cat. Christmas jingles filled the atmosphere, so he called the kitty Kringle, as in “Old Kris.” It stuck, so a smidgen of yuletide cheer perpetually slinks around the grounds year round—toying with string, gazing out windows, eating on schedule and remaining blissfully temperate, no matter the weather. 

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