LHE students at their Multicultural Celebration. Photo by Shannon Temple.

It’s been 20 years since Lake Highlands Elementary hosted a talent show, but they say it’s like riding a bike – you skin your knee it comes back to you.

Featured in the show back in the day were two kids well known to current LHE students and parents. Carley Gillis Alspaw and Whitley Gillis Nemec now teach kindergarten and first grade, but both recall being Surfer Girls in a Beach Boys act and performing as Pop Warner cheerleaders in another. This year they are heading up the effort to stage the show.

For support, the Gillis sisters went back to the parent committee that chaired the show when they were onstage. Angel Cochran now works in the front office of LHE, and Robin Finklea leads the College and Career Center at Lake Highlands High School. Both were glad to help “pass the torch” and bring back the tradition.

The talent show, themed “The Tonight Show Starring Lake Highlands Elementary,” will be held at Lake Highlands Junior High at 6 p.m. Friday, March 23, and admission is free.