Two Bishop Lynch alums —  one a Lake Highlands native — were killed when a helicopter crashed into New York City’s East River Sunday evening. Twenty-six-year-olds Trevor Cadigan and Brian McDaniel were among three other passengers who died after a helicopter crashed and then flipped upside down under water. Passengers were on a private charter helicopter and on their way to a photo shoot.

Cadigan, who grew up in Lake Highlands, graduated from Bishop Lynch in 2010 and Southern Methodist University in 2015 with a degree in journalism. He had just moved to NYC to be a video journalist at Business Insider. He was an intern at WFAA and contributed craft beer articles to the Dallas Morning News’ Guidelive.

Cadigan threw himself into learning Mandarin. He minored in the language, spent a summer as an exchange student in China and moved there for six months— all to be a fluent speaker. That’s just an example of how Cadigan approached life.

WFAA set up a GoFundMe for those interested in helping the Cadigan family.

McDaniel, a Dallas firefighter, was on vacation. He graduated from Bishop Lynch in 2010.