El Arroyo is famous for their roadside sign

El Arroyo Restaurant in Austin has a marquee sign out front, with witty sayings so clever the sign has been shared all over social media. BoredPanda.com listed their 10 favorite signs last year, and Shareably.net gave their top 15.

Lake Highlands High 1999 grad Ellis Winstanley owns El Arroyo and other popular Austin hotspots including Cain and Abel’s, Abel’s on the Lake, Hill’s Café and Star Seeds Café. He released the El Arroyo Big Book of Signs Volume 1 just in time for Christmas 2017, and he’s working on Volume 2 now.

“People have been asking me to do a book for years,” Ellis told me by phone from Austin, “and when I purchased El Arroyo 5 years ago, the former owner said people had been hounding him to do one. It’s been a super-fun project.”

Ellis and his team change the sign daily, and he says most of what passing motorists see is “just goofing around.” Sometimes, though, they get serious, like the time Wimberley flooded, or when a local soldier is killed overseas.

The book can be purchased online here for $24.99 (there are discounts when you buy the gift sets of 10 or 20), and 158 signs are included in the hardback.

Who knows, says Ellis, they may even do Volume 3.

El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs

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LHHS grad Ellis Winstanley and his crew change the El Arroyo sign daily