A neighbor’s home security camera captured this image of the thief

We’ve written before about Michael Allen and Will Bakke, filmmakers known for Christian movies and feel-good flicks, but their latest project has hit a road bump. Last week, a thief broke into Bakke’s car and stole a bag containing the laptop with their latest documentary, Kyle Goes to Prom. The bag also held their backup drive, a “rare occasion,” Bakke says.

Panicked, Bakke found a neighbor whose home security camera captured the thief donning a red beanie and red sneakers. Bakke and Allen have taken to social media, asking for help tracking down the man in hopes of retrieving the film.

Kyle Goes to Prom is the story of 21-year-old Texan Kyle Cox, already nearing the life expectancy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His five best friends set out to take him on an epic “bucket list” road trip, then realize they must get him back in time for senior prom.

You can view a clip of the film here.

The thief “didn’t know what he was stealing,” lamented Bakke on Facebook. “He stole a story from the world about a kid with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy who wanted to encourage kids with similar disorders to put their hope in Christ and never give up.”

Michael and Will say they’ve checked trash cans, looked through dumpsters, spoken with homeless people in the area, driven up and down neighborhoods, monitored Craigslist and left messages with a dozen pawn shops. Their hope now is in someone finding the discarded bag. Well, and in the man upstairs.