Hannah Hargrove’s new show debuts this Sunday

When life gave Hannah Hargrove tragedy, she turned it into a level of success few could have predicted. Her father was John Hargrove, the eccentric owner of Orr-Reed Wrecking, who was kicked to death in an East Dallas bar fight in 2013. Hannah, just 23 at the time, was tapped to take over the family business. Not only did she help the company flourish, she landed it on a national television show. “Texas Homewreckers” follows operations at the shop, and premiered on Great American Country in October.

Three things to know:


Hannah Hargrove made the shop her own by organizing randomly scattered piles of old windows, floorboards and even broken toilets into something that looks more like a designer shop than a junkyard.


She got married amongst the wreckage of Orr-Reed, under a makeshift archway between sheets of rain. She traded salvaged windows for a wedding dress.


While her father’s death was tragic, she sees it as a fitting end for his colorful life. She told the Observer in 2014, “I know that he would much rather have gone out in a John Wayne bar fight than at home with a heart attack. In the end he got his cowboy death, which I think he would have greatly appreciated.”