LHWL Home Tour Co-Chair Julie Jodie, LHWL President Debby Gray and Home Tour Co-Chair Cindy Terrell

Karen Matthews will spend her first Christmas in her new home this year, so she jumped at the invitation to join friends at the Lake Highlands Women’s League home tour Friday. She attended with her godson’s mother, Valerie Green, and Valerie’s mother-in-law, also Valerie Green, and sister-in-law, Dana Green Stoke.

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Matthews is a resident of Forney and newbie on the tour, but she was in good hands. Valerie and Dana have made Holiday in the Highlands a mother-daughter must-see for almost 20 years.

“It’s a family tradition,” said Valerie. “I love seeing the houses and bumping into people I haven’t seen in a while.”

Dana had her game-face on, watching for decorating ideas she can use in her own home. On a previous tour, she fell in love with a Christmas china on display. She put in a request to Santa, and now her family enjoys the china at her own holiday table.

You may view my photos from the day here.

D’Lane Maselunas and Virginia Krejci are two more of the many who make the tour part of their holiday tradition.

“Standing in line is half the fun,” said D’Lane. “It’s fun chatting in all the rooms with all the women’s league members and hearing their spiels.”

“It’s a representation of our community that we chit chat with people in line,” agreed Virginia, though she admitted she was excited about getting inside. “I’m an interior designer, so it’s fun to see what other people do and how they use these houses in Lake Highlands to decorate.”

“I’ve known Jeanne-Marie since our kids were in Kindergarten,” said D’Lane of the Gisellu home. “She’s so quirky and fun. I’ve been in her house before, but I just know it’s going to be all decked out. I’ll bet it will be my favorite.”

Sharon Newman, principal of Thurgood Marshall Elementary, ran around like mischief Friday, serving plates and greeting guests. She was one of several LH-area principals in their first year working as waiters for the home tour luncheon.

“We couldn’t do what we do without the Lake Highlands Women’s League,” said Sharon. “Our students and our school are grateful for the funds and the hours of service the league provides.”

With a successful tour in the books, the league is already making plans for next year’s tour, scheduled for the first Friday of December – Dec. 7, 2018.

Karen Matthews, Valerie Green, Dana Green Stokes and Valerie Green

DLane Maselunas, Virginia Krejci, Lindy Austin and Nancy Poinsatte

Principals Mary Kellagher of Northlake, Dr. Josh Delich of LHHS, Becky Stevens of LHE, Frank Patranella of Wallace, Sharon Newman of Thurgood Marshall and Philip Henderson of Moss Haven. Front: Susan Burt of Merriman Park and Ingrid Dodd of Skyview.

Girls’ Day Out at Holiday in the Highlands

Macie and Calli Hickman join Luca Gisellu on his back patio