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Local roofers Joe and Rhonda Clifford are behind a campaign to raise money for neighborhood groups. (Photo by Kathy Tran)

Local roofers Joe and Rhonda Clifford are behind a campaign to raise money for neighborhood groups. (Photo by Kathy Tran)

In this age of Internet stranger-bashing and generally surly attitudes online, Lake Highlands lifers Rhonda and Joe Clifford are doing something to make things better.

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Their “Dude. Be Nice” campaign focuses on raising funds to put back into the neighborhood, particularly Lake Highlands community schools, LHHS PTA and varied Wildcat clubs and teams. “Dude. Be Nice” efforts additionally contribute to Hoops in the Highlands, the St. Patrick’s Shamrock Shootout and Harvest Festival. New, exclusive t-shirts designed by the dude be nice guys will soon be offered to aid Lake Highlands charities.

‘Nice dudes’ bring good will to Lake Highlands community events. Pictured: Jake Clifford, Joe Clifford. Garrett Calhoun, John Calhoun and David Wasserman at the White Rock Lake Car Club’s vintage car show.

The “Dude. Be Nice” t-shirts and stickers sold for community awareness keep the Cliffords busy, as does owning C&C Exteriors, a neighborhood roofing, window and home peripherals sales and installation company.

As we all know, in Dallas it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a weather event will damage our roof, windows or homes.

When nature crashes your party, the Cliffords say, social media isn’t where to find a trustworthy pro.

Joe and Rhonda are LHHS sweethearts who have staffed C&C Exteriors with friends they’ve known since middle school. Their neighborhood team combined has more than 120 years’ experience.

(Photo by Kathy Tran)

They specialize in free consultations for homeowners. Here’s an example of what they see:

• Most folks aren’t aware that Texas doesn’t require roofers to be licensed.

• Folks tend to buy by price, not expertise.

• Don’t use an out-of-town vendor. If there’s a post-installation issue, you can bet the vendor won’t come back to fix it. Roof local.

• For those with historic homes, Joe and Rhonda are well versed in historic-conservation requirements.

“We don’t want to be the cheapest: We want to be the best,” Joe says about C&C Exteriors. “Neighbors hire us because we are experts.”

Rhonda adds, “People trust us to be truthful. We provide professional guidance; slight changes set apart a roof or window job, often at no additional cost.”

Stop by C&C Exteriors local showroom at 10420 Plano Road, #112, or call
469-291-7039.  exteriorscc.com

Email rhonda@c-cexteriors.com to order the latest t-shirts, hats or water bottles by dude be nice.

Lake Highlands teens sport their new hats and water bottles by dude be nice. Pictured: Bella Gasal, Nicole Clifford, Jordan McClure

Lake Highlands dad Scott Eldredge coaches the Dude. Be Nice. coed soccer team.