Luke and Lily enjoy their first trip to the LH Town Center Hollywood Feed

When I wrote more than a year ago that Hollywood Feed was coming to the Lake Highlands Town Center, excited commenters wondered what kind of cuisine this restaurant had planned.

My apologies.

Hollywood Feed is no trendy patio spot for nibbles or the latest cocktail. It’s a national pet supply chain featuring goods and services for the discerning pet owner. Hollywood, which first opened at the corner of Hollywood Street and Chelsea Avenue in Memphis, now has stores in 8 states across the South.

Hollywood opened Saturday near Sprouts with little fanfare, but word of mouth grew quickly among pet owners. When I visited to shop for our dog, Nellie, shoppers were pushing carts full of premium dog and cat food, as well as treats, collars, leashes, bowls, crates, beds and litter boxes. They also have holiday gifts for pet lovers, including mugs, bags, tees and caps. You can see their full “menu” here.

Hollywood Feed is at 7150 Skillman, Suite 100. You can like them on Facebook here.

Toys and collars at Hollywood Feed

Dog beds at Hollywood Feed

Now open: Hollywood Feed at LHTC