This November’s ballot is packed with 10 propositions that collectively make up more than $1 billion bond request covering everything from road work to library upgrades. Early voting begins today, with the election set for Nov. 7. Voters can choose to support all 10 propositions, or pick and choose.

They include:

Proposition A: Streets and Transportation — $533,981,000.

Proposition B: Park and Recreation — $259,507,000

Proposition C: Fair Park — $50,000,000

Proposition D: Flood Protection and Storm Drainage — $48,750,000

Proposition E: Library Facilities  — $29,914,000

Proposition G: Public Safety Facilities — $32,081,000

Proposition H: City Facilities — $18,157,000

Proposition I: Economic Development — $55,400,000

Proposition J: Homeless Assistance Facilities — $20,000,000

So, what does Lake Highlands get out of all this? Quite a lot, in fact. Some highlights include:

• $6,500,000 for lighting and street improvements at Skillman/LJB, which is being matched by the same amount of funding from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).
$7,790,000 to replace the Forest Green Branch Library on Forest Lane.

$1,075,000 in security enhancements for the Dallas Police Northeast Substation in our neighborhood.

$1,591,747 for traffic calming at Skillman/Walnut Hill.

• $400,000 for trail/parking upgrades and $165,000 for an all-abilities playground at Flag Pole Hill (which is also receiving funds from the Jordan Spieth Foundation, Lake Highlands Exchange Club, Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League and other community groups).
$1,726,846 for street repairs on Chimney Hill Lane from Abrams to Wightman.

$2,300,000 to connect the Lake Highlands Trail to the White Rock Creek Trail and from Lake Highlands High School to Watercrest Park. This will join a $4.1 million grant from TXDOT.

For a full list of approved projects, including detailed breakdowns of which street would get a makeover should that bond package pass, click here and scroll to Council District 10.