The Martinez-Johnson siblings were walking to school when Atiyana tried to push her little brother to safety. Both were struck by a truck.

Lake Highlands resident Chris Harris was driving to work Thursday morning when he saw something he says he hopes he’ll never see again. As a group of 5 siblings walked to Northlake Elementary and crossed Audelia at Ferndale, two were struck by a truck. The Dodge Ram pickup was turning right on red from westbound Ferndale onto northbound Audelia when 11-year-old Atiyana, a 6th grader, pushed her younger brother out of the way. Both were struck, but Atiyana was injured most seriously. The truck ran over her and broke her pelvis and hip.

Both kids were transported by ambulance to Children’s Medical Center.

Amy Timmerman, a fellow Northlake mom, has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical bills for the children’s emergency care and likely future surgeries and physical therapy. The 3 siblings not hurt may need counseling for post-traumatic stress after witnessing the event, she says, and the parents may need to take time off work to care for Atiyana.

Though police say the students were crossing while the “Don’t Walk” sign was flashing, neighbors say a crossing guard is needed to keep kids safe at the intersection.

“I’ll be thinking about those 5 kids for a long time,” says Harris. “The image of 2 elementary school kids lying injured in the middle of the street, screaming in pain will be with me for a while.”

Audelia and Ferndale