Dallas Diner: The ‘Cheers’ of Lake Highlands

Dallas Diner

Dallas Diner is the Cheers bar of Lake Highlands eateries. They didn’t know my name after my first visit, but my waitress called me Sweetie, and, when I moved from the counter to a table so I could spread out my newspaper, she asked, “Baby, where’d you go?”

Just like Norm and Cliff, the patrons seem to be old friends and greet each other with a nod and a wave. Located on Northwest Highway between Plano Road and Ferndale, Dallas Diner draws cops from the nearby Northeast Dallas Substation, and others were evident supporters of the Blue. (A flyer for a recent DPD Wellness Brunch still was still taped to the cash register on my recent visit.)

Dallas Diner, open from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m., offers traditional diner fare. Breakfast includes eggs, bacon, pancakes, migas and burritos, with a bakery rack of donuts and cinnamon rolls. Lunch is cheeseburgers, pork chops and chicken fried steak, with a pot of homemade soup always on the stovetop.

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The best part? Prices at Dallas Diner are just as old school as the atmosphere – cheeseburgers are 5 bucks and my Country D’Light breakfast with 2 eggs, 3 bacon slices and a biscuit was just $5.25.

Have a good day, Sweetie.

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Dallas Diner is in the former Dunkin Donuts building at 10515 Northwest Highway.

Inside Dallas Diner
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