Melissa Jenkins and Hanna Ratliff brought their troops to Andy’s on Day One

Lake Highlands High graduates Melissa Johnson Jenkins and Hanna McCane Ratliff brought their little ones to Andy’s Frozen Custard on opening day to cool off, but they weren’t first in line. That honor went to Brian Lindeman, another Lake Highlands resident, who was waiting when the walk-up window opened at 11 a.m.

“I want to be their favorite customer,” explained Lindeman. “I love custard. I have a sweet tooth. I expect to be here a lot.”

Lindeman gave a hearty thumbs up to his Triple Chocolate Concrete.

Business picked up after lunch then again when school got out, and big lines formed around dusk.

“It tastes like the custard I used to have when I was a little girl,” said Mary Archer, who ordered old-fashioned vanilla. “It’s delicious.”

Brian Lindeman laughs after taking his first bite of Triple Chocolate Concrete. “I expect to be here a lot.”


Pulling through the drive thru

Archer Ratliff: “Open, open, open!”

First stop after the first day at Highlander? Andy’s!