Volunteer Julie Jodie teaches English to a Richardson Adult Literacy Center class at the Audelia Road Library

The Richardson Adult Literacy Center is teaming up with Pamper Lake Highlands and Gateway of Grace to invite you to consider: What if you didn’t know English? What might it mean for your ability to find work? For your child’s ability to be successful at school?

The three nonprofits are hosting a Language and Literacy event Sunday, August 6th from 12:30-2:30 at Shady’s Burgers to introduce families learning English to local organizations dedicated to helping them. They’ll have fun activities, facts about resources and success stories by students and volunteers. If you’d like to sign on as a volunteer or make a donation, you can do that, too.

There’s no cost to attend and no need to RSVP, and 10% of Shady’s sales will go back to the charities to maximize impact.  Shady’s is at 9661 Audelia at Walnut Hill.