Robocop filming location: Home of Alex Murphy

This month marks the 30th anniversary of RoboCop, the Paul Verhoeven sci-fi police drama with Lake Highlands ties. The film, set in futuristic Detroit, was actually filmed in Dallas and was released July 17, 1987.

Peter Weller stars as Alex Murphy, a police officer killed shortly arriving at the precinct but rebuilt by a firm working to privatize (and robotize) an urban police force under siege. When Murphy’s human memory comes back, he goes after his killers.

Murphy also flashes back to his wife and children and makes a visit to their former home – 9233 Church Road. He wanders through their old condo between Skillman and the train trestle near Lake Highlands High School, now called Tree Top.

You can check out the film’s other locations here and here and deep-dive into some RoboCop trivia here. I watched RoboCop for $2.99 on Spectrum cable’s video on demand, though it’s surely available on multiple platforms.