Another tip for college freshmen from Dale’s blog: Game days = best days.

As the Lake Highlands High School graduating class of 2017 prepares to head off to college next month, moms and dads are sharing advice at dinner tables all over LH. Perhaps these budding scholars are listening carefully, but it’s clear who they’d rather hear from – kids on campus.

Madeleine Dale, a 2016 grad of LHHS now studying at Oklahoma University, recently published a blog post called 21 Tips For The OU Class of 2021. Some of her helpful hints, like don’t walk under OU’s legendary clock tower or you won’t graduate on time (an OU myth) and don’t miss the chocolate chip pancakes in the cafeteria, are unique to her campus. Others, such as the importance of using a planner so you won’t show up for a test at the wrong time, are pretty universal.

Dale, whose advice also includes renting textbooks to save money, going easy on dorm room decorations and checking in with professors during office hours, has a relatable, conversational style and shares her own experiences, both good and bad. “The good news,” she says, “is that you 100 percent will figure it out.”